Numerous people take calcium supplements containing calcium carbonate to treat calcium deficiencies, that are produced mainly from crushed seashells. Should people really be eating seashells? The idea is ridiculous, yet that’s exactly what people are doing.  Yes, they are “consuming” the calcium, but are they absorbing it? In fact, the absorption rates of these supplements are woefully inadequate.

Likewise, numerous people consume coral calcium supplements which are manufactured from crushed up coral reefs rather than ground up seashells. Of course, it’s better than not taking anything, but were we really meant to eat coral reefs?  It is not a food source designed for humans.

Plants were, however, meant for human consumption. For example, we need the dietary fiber in order to support healthy digestion and bowel movements.

The plants richest in chlorophyll – the micro-algae and cereal grasses – were cited earlier as good sources of magnesium. Green plants also have the greatest concentration of calcium of any food; because of their magnesium, chlorophyll, and other calcium cofactors, increasing the consumption of green plants often is a simple solution to calcium problems.
Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

Chlorella & Spirulina: Essential Fatty Acids

Just as there is good and bad cholesterol, there are good and bad oils. Many people have heard by now about the incredible benefits found in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). These include GLA (gamma-linolenic acid, found in borage oil) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, found in many fish oils). They are essential for optimal brain function (which is made up of 80% fat), proper heart function, and a healthy nervous system.

These fatty acids are abundant in popular diets such as the “Mediterranean Diet”. They also aid in the regulation of blood sugar which helps cure diabetes. Cardiovascular health is significantly improved with the proper intake of EFAs. Cancer risk also drops. Spirulina contains significant levels of  these essential fatty acids.

The richest whole-food sources of GLA are mother’s milk, spirulina micro-algae, and the seeds of borage, black currant, and evening primrose. GLA is important for growth and development . . . We often recommend spirulina for people who were never breast-fed, in order to foster the hormonal and mental development that may never have occurred because of lack of proper nutrition in infancy. The dosage is the amount of oil that provides 150-350 mg GLA daily. A standard 10-gram dosage of spirulina provides 131 mg of GLA.
– Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

Notice that 10-grams of spirulina provides 131mg of GLA. This is important because most people who take supplements such as colostrum, spirulina or chlorella take far too little to be effective. They err in thinking of these superfoods as medicines or drugs, and take only one or two capsules at a time – an insignificant amount – even though that’s the amount usually recommended on the bottle.

One gram of spirulina or chlorella is too little to gain significant nutritional benefits such as anti-aging or the prevention of disease.  These are foods: you can eat them like you eat a hamburger. You can eat 50 grams a day of spirulina or chlorella and achieve even greater nutritional benefits.

You must take large quantities of these superfoods to really gain maximuim benefit from them. 3-5 grams per meal may be considered adequate.

Chlorella & Spirulina: Chlorophyll

Chlorella is the most abundant source of chlorophyll in the world. Chlorophyll cleanses and detoxifyies the body better than any other substance. Most people are in desperate need of cleansing and detoxifying. Chlorophyll helps remove heavy metals from your body that have accumulated due to the consumption of impure foods.

Some sea foods are known to contain unsafe levels of metals like mercury, but these impurities are also found in animal products and even non-organic crops because of unhealthy farming practices and the use of pesticides and preservatives.

If you’ve been eating refined foods, which most everyone has, you undoubtedly have high levels of heavy metals  and other toxic substances in your body. The chlorophyll in chlorella effectively helps remove those contaminants from your body, which will greatly benefit your health and prevent disease.

Another source of toxic heavy metals in the body is mercury from “silver” fillings used by dentists.  Mercury is one of the most powerful nerve toxins in existence. While the medical establishment refuses to admit it and continues to recommend silver fillings, these fillings leak mercury which gets absorbed into your body.

Oftentimes, small pieces of these mercury fillings break away and are swallowed with your food. In other words, everyone who has silver fillings in their teeth is being poisoned, and the medical community does and should know better.

The chlorophyll in chlorella helps protect you by removing mercury from your body before it causes harm.  If you choose to have your silver fillings taken out, removing them will create a flood of mercury into your body. Consuming chlorella prior to and after dental work will help protect you from the toxic effects of mercury poisoning.

Chlorophyll accomplishes much more than protect you from mercury: it’s also a comprehensive detoxifier that sustains liver function so that the liver can perform better at excreting toxins from the body and cleaning your blood. Strengthening your liver is one of the healthiest things you can do.

Chlorella vs. Spirulina


• A superior source of chlorophyll, so it’s better able to detoxify and cleanse your body.

• Particularly effective in aiding liver disorders or those who drink or smoke.

• Good for those  afflicted with constipation.

• Advantageous for people who suffer from degenerative diseases (muscle, nervous system, etc.) or who are infirm.

• Contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which supercharges the immune system, reverses cancer and fights disease.

• CGF helps restore nerve tissue and is great for treating chronic brain and nerve disorders.