The urge to eat can be substantially alleviated, and the endocrine system  brought back into balance, by furnishing the body with the nutrition it requires. These nutrients are most effectively supplied by chlorella and spirulina. That is how these superfoods help people lose fat.

Naturally, weight loss wont magically happen simply by  consuming these superfoods: at the same time, people must also alter their diet by getting rid of refined foods, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars and other weight-inducing substances. Barring that, weight-loss cannot take place. Equally as important, people who do not adopt a habit of routine physical exercise rarely lose weight, regardless of their diet.

The second reason spirulina supports fat loss is the presence of GLA. This essential fatty acid helps modulate blood glucose and moderate insulin, which reduces sugar binging. Spirulina is the most plentiful natural source of GLA. Eat lots of spirulina!

Chlorella and spirulina should both be added as part of a nutritional approach to losing weight. They can greatly reduce cravings, supply much-needed sustenance to the body, and are superior sources for weight-loss supplements such as GLA. However, they can’t exercise for you!

Chlorella & Spirulina: Aiding Global Malnutrition

A relatively new source of nutrition in . . .  industrial civilization . . . although they have been used by certain traditional peoples in Latin America, Africa, and elsewhere for millennia. They will become increasingly important throughout the planet if other food supplies dwindle. Already spirulina cultivation projects are underway in various parts of the world, particularly where there is malnutrition.
– Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

Spirulina can be an indespensable aid to worldwide malnutrition and food shortages. It can be produced in tropical, sunny climates, which is precisely where much current malnutrition festers. It is said to produce twenty times as much protein as soybeans. And as soybeans produce ten times as much protein as cows, we can conclude that spirulina produces two hundred times as much usable protein as cows on equal size farms, without the horrible pollution that originates from lifestock.

Considering the continued rise in global population and vanishing land resources, we are wasting an invaluable opportunity to end world hunger and malnutrition. Superfoods such as Spirulina may be indispensable if we want to feed the world in the future. Even people in developed countries like the United States suffer from a lack of nutrition despite growing medical conditions such as obesity.

Excess body fat can be a symptom of malnutrition, contrary to common sense.  Almost all Americans are deficient in critical vitamins, minerals and healthy oils such as vitamin D, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Few people consume adequate daily levels of phytochemicals like chlorophyll, with significant abilities to heal damaged nerves, enhance brain function, prevent and cure disease.

Americans are malnourished primarily from consuming far too much refined carbohydrates (sugars) that lack adequate nutrition yet produce excess fat in the body.

Spirulina and Chlorella treat a dazzling number of health conditions such as: cancers (all types); obesity; diabetes; hypoglycemia; arthritis; depression; severe liver damage and liver disorders; intestinal ulcers; hemorrhoids; asthma; high blood pressure; constipation; bleeding gums; infections; inflammation of joints and tissues; body / breath odor; various degenerative diseases; essential fatty acid deficiencies; and mineral deficiencies.

Spirulina and Chlorella: Natural Antioxidants

The only truly natural vitamins are those that come from foods. They are available in nutritional supplements as highly nutritious, concentrated foods; powdered concentrates of foods and herbs with the moisture removed; and an isolated component of a food. Sources of these include …wheat-grass juice, freshwater algae (blue-green algae, chlorella, spirulina), sea vegetables such as kelp, enzymes, wheat-germ oil, and minerals from ancient sea, clay, or vegetation beds.
– Home Safe Home by Debra Lynn Dadd

Spirulina and Chlorella are whole spectrum food sources that supply synergistic ingredients that work together in ways that science has yet to comprehend. Scientists haven’t even discovered all of the phytochemicals in chlorella and spirulina, let alone studied their compounded effects.

This is why chlorella and spirulina are better than isolated vitamins and minerals found in bulk supplements. What’s more, when you eat chlorella and spirulina in sufficient amounts you no longer need your vitamin and mineral supplements.

While many vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes are fine sources of particular nutrients, their nutritional density is negligible compared to chlorella and spirulina: the greatest benefit of most foods is simply their fiber. But when it comes to raw nutrition, superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella are all you really need.

There is no real limit to how much of these superfoods you can eat. You won’t “overdose” on them, you’ll just get full like eating any other food. Generally, for spirulina, 10 grams a day is a great maintenance dose. For fighting disease, athletes or superior anti-aging results, you could easily push this several times higher. For chlorella, cut that amount in half, but remember that sensitive people may experience some diarrhea, so build up slowly and give your body time to adapt.

Most people take too little to see results: you must take the larger doses mentioned here if you want the anti-aging, disease fighting benefits unique to these foods. Remember, you are eating food, not taking medicine.  If your feces isn’t green, you aren’t taking enough.

The cost of chlorella & spirulina can be high for many people, so try to buy in bulk from wholesale suppliers. And do not forget that the cost of getting sick will be far far higher. Can you really put a price on optimal health and well-being?

Give thanks to God’s gift – manna from heaven.

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