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  • The Propaganda Is Working: Trump Voters Call MS-13 a 'Serious' Threat to the US — But That's Simply Not True July 21, 2018
    Trump voters now overwhelmingly believe the peddled notions about this group few of them ever heard of, before this year, and that is a testament to the power of the white nationalist propaganda machine whirring away within the White House walls. Donald Trump's support is based on racism. And the racism is based on Republican […]
    Hunter, Daily Kos
  • How the Right Wing Convinces Itself That Liberals Are Evil July 21, 2018
    Since the 1950s, the conservative movement has justified bad behavior—including supporting Donald Trump—by persuading itself that the left is worse. If you spend any time consuming right-wing media in America, you quickly learn the following: Liberals are responsible for racism, slavery, and the Ku Klux Klan. They admire Mussolini and Hitler, and modern liberalism is […]
    David A. Walsh, Washington Monthly
  • Wall Street Journal Hammers 'Out of Touch' Trump Economic Adviser Peter Navarro for Trashing the US Economy July 21, 2018
    Under an ominous headline that reads "The Trade Casualties Mount," the editorial board laid out the case on the toll the Trump tariffs are taking on U.S. economic growth. The editors of the very conservative and very business-oriented Wall Street Journal have taken President Donald Trump's trade adviser Peter Navarro to the woodshed for pushing […]
    Tom Boggioni, Raw Story
  • Trump's New Attack on Lawyer Michael Cohen Was a 'Terrible Idea' That Will Blow Up in President's Face: Trial Attorney July 21, 2018
    While spending the weekend at his New Jersey golf course, President Trump accused his former attorney, Michael Cohen, of “perhaps illegal” behavior by recording a conversation with Trump during which the two reportedly discussed a hush money payment. Preeminent attorney Shanin Specter suggested that President Donald Trump’s Saturday morning Twitter attack on his former fixer, […]
    Bob Brigham, Raw Story
  • After Warning of 'Large and Painful Military Operation,' Israel Begins Massive Bombing of Gaza July 21, 2018
    "Israeli snipers shoot and kill scores of unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, including kids, then calls it self-defense. When a Palestinian sniper fires at one Israeli soldier, Israel bombs Gaza with F-16s and preps for all out war." Just hours after Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned that Israel is gearing up to launch a […]
    Jake Johnson, Common Dreams
  • A Community of Slave Descendants Is Protecting Unique Food Traditions from Rising Seas July 21, 2018
    One chef is raising the profile of Gullah/Geechee cuisine to help maintain the Nation’s cultural identity. In the world of southern cooking, Gullah/Geechee food is unique. It’s perloo (pirlou), a one-pot dish of rice and shrimp, smoked paprika, garlic pepper and cayenne. It’s crab meat “deviled up” with bread crumbs, egg, and cayenne and presented […]
    Shoshi Parks, YES! Magazine
  • Why Does White Fragility Show Up at Workplace Diversity Trainings? July 21, 2018
    One way that whites protect their positions when challenged on race is to invoke the discourse of self-defense. As a former professor and current facilitator and consultant, I am in a position to give white people feedback on how their unintentional racism is manifesting itself. In this position, I have observed countless enactments of white […]
    Dr. Robin Diangelo, YES! Magazine
  • The Idea of Creating a New Universe in the Lab Is No Joke July 21, 2018
    We have no reason to believe that even the most advanced physics hackers could conjure a cosmos from nothing at all. Physicists aren’t often reprimanded for using risqué humour in their academic writings, but in 1991 that is exactly what happened to the cosmologist Andrei Linde at Stanford University. He had submitted a draft article […]
    Merali, Aeon
  • Neoliberalism Is Being Rejected Around the World: Can Genuine Progressives Capitalize? July 21, 2018
    Is Mexico’s new president anything like Donald Trump? Only in that both represent a moment of global revolt When Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected president of Mexico earlier this month, many in the mainstream American media couldn’t help but see the left-wing candidate as the Donald Trump of Mexico.“The parallels between Mr. López Obrador and President […]
    Conor Lynch, Salon
  • How Low Can Trump Go? July 21, 2018
    He kidnaps babies, abuses women, admires white supremacists, conspires with Russians & still his base supports him If you have wondered how much lower Trump could go,  we got our answer last Monday in Helsinki. There was the President of the United States surrendering his intelligence agencies, his Department of State and his Department of […]
    Lucian K. Truscott IV, Salon