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  • Trump Flips Out on NBC's Chuck Todd for Exposing 'Art of the Deal' President as a Lousy Negotiator April 22, 2018
    Trump positioned himself as the "Art of the Deal" author who is a great businessman and great negotiator. All of that has been proven false. President Donald Trump kicked off Sunday morning with a pair of tweets, including one attacking NBC News' "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd. The president's tweet exposes once again the […]
    David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement
  • Are Psychedelics the Answer to Addiction and Depression? April 22, 2018
    A new generation of research into psilocybin could change how we treat numerous mental health conditions Roland Griffiths was trying to meditate – but he couldn’t do it. If he sat there for a few minutes, it felt as through hours were stretching out before him, like a long, slow torture. So he quit. This […]
    Johann Hari, Salon
  • How Philip K. Dick Redefined What It Means To Be (In)Human April 22, 2018
    I think, therefore I am human? Fifty years ago, Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? questioned what it means to be human in ways that have an immense lasting influence.The action of the novel – and the Blade Runner films based on it – largely revolves around the central tension and […]
    The Conversation
  • Westworld's Player Piano Is the Great Character That Keeps Getting Overlooked April 22, 2018
    The symbol for humanity’s relationship to machinery is expanded through Westworld’s soundtrack. Westworld returns for its hotly anticipated second season on April 22/23, simulcast in both the US and UK. The first season was a huge success – the closing episode was HBO’s highest-rated debut of all time.Set in 2052, Westworld is a futuristic theme […]
    The Conversation
  • What Putin's Policies Teach Us About Post-Feminist Power April 22, 2018
    Who really runs the world? The ability to transform yourself – and the cultural expectation that we should – has changed the way we think about authenticity. Today, celebrities are often valued less for their “natural beauty” and more for working on their appearance in transformative ways. Women admire the famous for their ability to […]
    The Conversation
  • If Trump Is Innocent, Why Did He Tweet About Flipping Cohen? Kellyanne Conway Refuses to Say. April 22, 2018
    Someone is confused. In a combative interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to Donald Trump, repeatedly refused to address why the president tweeted that he wasn't worried about his personal lawyer, Micheal Cohen, "flipping on him" if there nothing to tell.Appearing on CNN's State of the Union, Conway was her usual manic self, […]
    Tom Boggioni, Raw Story
  • Why the Christian Right Opposes Pornography But Still Supports Trump April 22, 2018
    Christian opposition to pornography has long been connected to larger efforts to impose Protestant morality onto American politics and culture. Many commentators have pointed out the hypocrisy of Christian leaders who claim a moral high ground while supporting President Donald Trump. The latest scandal involving an alleged extramarital affair with pornographic film star Stormy Daniels […]
    The Conversation
  • Trump Lost His Battle With Comey In One of the Most Humiliating Ways Possible April 22, 2018
    So, what was Trump trying to accomplish? In the midst of the longest run of self-inflicted wounds known to man, Donald Trump caught a huge break.And then, of course, he tossed it away.Trump’s nemesis, Jim Comey, has a book out — “A Higher Loyalty” — currently being supported by Comey’s impossible-to-miss TV extravaganza, from which the […]
    The Colorado Independent
  • Fascist Fashion: How Clothing Helps the Far Right Sell Their Violent Message April 22, 2018
    T-shirts and other garb that promote white supremacy should be taken seriously as an entry point into ha In the months since white supremacist blogger Andrew Anglin urged his followers to dress in “hip” and “cool” ways at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., far-right fashion has rapidly evolved. The clean-cut aesthetic of the white polo shirts […]
    Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Salon
  • Here's How the US Became a Troll Nation: From Gamergate to the Rise of Trump April 22, 2018
    Before “MAGA,” Gamergaters claimed harassing women online was “about ethics in video game journalism” TrollTo fish for by trollinga: to antagonize (others) online by deliverately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive contentb: to act as a troll— Merriam-Webster.com, 2017The national tragedy that was the election of 2016, in which a conspiracy theory-minded […]
    Amanda Marcotte, Salon