Colloidal silver results when the molecular structure of silver is altered. The substance is then suspended in a liquid solution.

Colloidal silver has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. The substance can be made at home following a few simple guidelines.

colloidal silver making supplies

In order to make colloidal silver at home you will require 6 volt DC transformers, two alligator clips and two pure silver coins.

Other items that you will require include around two feet of neoprene tubing, an oxygenation bubbler, an air tight container and a glass quart jar.

Producing colloidal silver

1st step

You will start off by gathering all your supplies together and making sure everything has been cleaned thoroughly. Particular care must be taken to properly clean the silver coins that you will be using.

Step 2

The DC connector has to be plugged off at the end of the transformer wire. However the other end that goes into the wall should be left as it is.

You will work only on the cut wire and separate the wires from the strip. Ideally you should take around one inch of the insulation off. Make sure you dont damage the wire.

Step 3

When you have the naked wires you will connect them to an alligator clip. You can either crimp them or solder them in order to secure them in the proper place.

Next up you need to attach the silver coins on opposite sides of the glass jar. They will act as the silver electrodes and need to be placed right next to the alligator clamps.

4th step

The jar should then be filled with water up to the lower end of the alligator clips. This should be around 8 oz. The neoprene tubing should then be made to pass through the bed of the jar.

Be careful to let the metal on the clamp be above the surface of the water. This is because only the coins should be inundated in the distilled water.

Stage five

Once you have set up the equipment in this way you should plug in the transformer along with the oxygenation unit in appropriate electrical outlets. Now you should leave the water to bubble for the next five hours.

Step 6

Once the time has passed the machinery must be shut and the residue cleaned.

You will be surprised to know that you can make use of the same silver coins to generate numerous batches of colloidal silver, more so than you will ever require.

The colloidal silver can be purified by using the neoprene tubing to siphon it into an air tight container.

The above mentioned steps can easily help you through the process of making colloidal silver in your home.

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