Yes there is a picture of beautiful girls above, and you will find many beautiful girls in Thailand. If this inimidates you then better you not go to Thailand. However, if you don’t mine seeing many beautiful Thai ladies walking around the bars and streets offering their services, then Thailand can be the perfect family vacation spot for you and your loved ones.

Remember, Thailand is a poor country and they need to earn a living too. Prostitution is not frowned upon in Thailand as it is in the Puritan West, so please show your respect to the ladies of the street. Many of them have families, husbands and babies to care for. Judge not lest ye be judged.

The Spa Resorts in Thailand was established in 1992 on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. They’ve at present increased to four facilities in Thailand, two on the island of Samui, one on the georgous island of Koh Chang, and their most recent and most all-inclusive resort in Chiang Mai. The Spa Resorts provide examples of the first comprehensive detox/colon cleansing services in Thailand and have been serving 1000s of visitors originating from all over the world during the past 18 years.

Renowned for their detox programs, they have 3-21 day programs that include herbal fasts; self performed colon cleansing using a colema system, and specially prepared detox drinks. These can be combined with additional spa treatments that encourage the detox process. If you’re looking for a tranquil environment with beautiful surroundings for meditation, yoga, detox, or just to chill out, this is an exquisite place like few others.

The traditional Thai medicinal steam room utilizes 32 ancient medicinal plants, a Sauna and an outside nature bathe, which are inclusive to The Bamboo Spa. The Bamboo health resort offers all the Traditional elements of Thai massage: oil massage, facials, body wraps, as well as some modern technological wonders such as the Turbo sonic Power Plate vibrational fitness machines.

An abundance of activities keep you occupied in spiritual pursuit of bliss every moment. They’ve got yoga classes in a splendiferous yoga sala. The sala can be described as a spacious open-air thathed roof octagon including amazing views of the encircling valley and mountains. Spiritual consciousness classes also take place in the sala. Furthermore they provide Pilates, Reiki, and Qi gong classes to bend and stretch your soul into place. They have 2 swimming pools, a running work out facility, a tennis court, and putting green.

The Spa Resort Chiang Mai is situated approximately a half-hour outside of Chiang Mai in a stunning bucolic valley amidst rice fields and undulating sea green hills. The resort is situated on a lovely expansive estate that was at one time a mango coppice. You will discover poolside accommodation and luxury villas for the weary and the wealthy. The Radiance restaurant is among the central luxuries of the resort. They provide vegetarian, vegan, and an in depth raw food menu (be cautious consuming raw, uncooked food particularly if it includes meat or seafood). Most of the ingredients originate from their own organic farm. In addition, raw food lessons are offered.

Keep in mind that in addition to these resort  accomodations, Thailand is home to many hundreds of other luxury resort organizations able to bring you to spiritual bliss. You will discover a resort and a beautiful woman to compliment your every fantasy. Thailand really is the kingdom of paradise.

Also, do not forget that in any large metropolitan region, the city will likely be considerably more unhygienic compared to the country. Downtown Chiang Mai is usually exceptionally polluted with the countless taxi busses hurrying for passengers, many of which are empty. I trust the Thai leadership will cap how many taxis should be allowed on the road soon.

Editor’s note: The Thai’s are expert not only at cooking but massage as well. They have wonderfully powerful hands that will seek out the hard to reach places just aching out for relief. With thousands of years of cultural history refining their techniques these wonder ladies will have you begging for more before you even finish the first session. I make a Thai massage a regular not-to-be-missed part of my day while visiting the land of smiles. And smile you will as you float away on a cloud of a new sense of who you are and what you can become. Give them a try and you won’t regret it, especially for the fantastic prices!

Thank you Thailand for a great experience! Goodbye ladies and see you soon.