With every day passing we are able to discover unknown facts that have supported the existence of homo-sapiens on this planet and have helped them pass through the test of time and reach the point where they have been able to create a civilization. Of these unexplored aspects that is not completely known by us is the impact of the cosmic energy on the lifestyle and the actions of human body. It is believed that seven chakras in our body participate in exchanging energy and hence control a lot of human activities and behaviour.

Apart from the physical energy that we get from substances that we consume as a part of our routine diet, the human body also requires a good amount of cosmic energy that is a result of the energy exchange between the seven chakra network in our body and the heavenly bodies above us.

Often unexplained but these seven chakras have an impact on the way we feel, we behave and ultimately the way we live our lives. It is believed that negative thoughts and pessimistic view fills in these chakras a lot of negative energy which makes you feel restless and uncomfortable in unknown situations while positive thoughts and optimistic views help in maintaining positive energy and hence help a person to perform better even under unknown circumstances.

Each circle of energy is an active participant in the process of monitoring and enhancing a body part or its activities, the effect that these chakras have on different body parts and attitude is different, hence most chakras independently affect their respective body organs.

All chakras end up influencing various aspects that are important for the well being of an individual, you will be able to understand the impact in detail in the following explanation.

The root chakra is the energy circle that governs the overall potential of a person. It helps determine if a particular person is self-confident and can face extreme conditions without backing away. The organs that this chakra monitors include the colon and the organs lying below it as well as the prostrate and the rectum.

Genital Chakra lies above the root chakra and is very important as it helps to control the organs that are important for excretory purposes. This chakra with positive energy could mean that a person is not distracted by luscious offers and can help to have a broad mind. With negativity it can lead to establishing negative vibes and feelings.

Umbilical chakra is the third of the series of seven chakras and it has an impact on the mental stability and reactions that a person might have to certain situations. While there is an inclination towards the positive side the chakra inculcates will power and mental strength but when weakened it arouses embarrassment, idiocy, jealousy and represents an instable behaviour. It controls a good part of the digestive system.

The fourth chakra from the bottom is the heart chakra that is responsible for the generation of various emotions as well as inspires feelings of liking and admiration. As the name suggests it has firm control over the human heart and if filled with negativity can lead to feelings of hatred and hypocrisy.

Above the heart chakra lies the fifth of the chakras, the throat chakra. This energy circle has an impact of the voice you possess and the kind of language that you speak. The neck and mouth are some of the important parts that are covered by this chakra.

Towards the forehead is the third eye chakra that is important in the process of having perception and also helps making impressions, it enhances your sight, hearing power as well as recognizes smell easily.

The last chakra is called the crown chakra and it deals with taking ones own self to the divine path and reaching a stage of enlightenment.

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