The 80/20 Rule

Wikipedia: “The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule . . .) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” That’s a confusing way of saying that we waste most of our time because 80% of the results of our labor comes from only 20% of what we actually do. It is a law of efficiency .

This article will also focus on some social networking sites and how they can benefit your online Internet marketing business when using advanced principles of time management and efficient information processing(EIP).

If you’ve never heard of the 80/20 rule, you have now. It’s one of the most powerful ideas today that can truly make a difference in your life and to your viral marketing.

Last year was great for the development of my business. It would not have been were it not for the 80/20 rule – learning how to cope with information stress and overload. In the Information Age, information is either your ally or your worst enemy.

Information overload, processing and organization have always been challenging, but it’s getting more difficult every day. Although the Internet is an innovative, revolutionary tool for empowering education and distributing knowledge, if you don’t learn how to ignore 99% of what’s out there, you never get the time and gain the clarity to learn the 1% that you need to focus on to be productive and successful in your online Internet marketing business.

Figure Out What You’re Doing Wrong

Most people start online by searching for free information, downloading everything they can, and in the process, getting on tons of mailing lists.

They get pulled in 10 different directions:

*Affiliate marketing


*List building

*Pay per click

*Email marketing

*Traffic exchanges

*Product launches




*Social networking . . .

*Joint ventures

Etc…You get the idea.

And suddenly you find yourself drowning in INFORMATION OVERLOAD! To begin, you need to focus on ONE system that’s been PROVEN to work, and stick with it until you begin to get results. ONLY THEN should you move on to other aspects of your business that can help you grow. One thing at a time.

Internet Marketing in the Information Age

In 2008, a wonderful collection of new social networking tools and websites blossomed, and although they are great resources and viral business tools, they can cause you to lose focus and rob you of your time – your most valuable commodity – if used incorrectly.

Twitter has exploded onto the scene and is fast becoming an essential tool for bloggers, viral internet marketers and small business owners. But even though it’s a wonderful way to connect with greater numbers of people, if you aren’t careful you will just waste time and destroy your productivity.

Facebook is currently the leading social networking application. The younger generation is so connected with Facebook, they would rather communicate through it than email. This is an amazing revolution in Internet communication.

You can’t afford to ignore Facebook, yet like any social network, it takes a lot of time to maintain and leverage your profile and networks, eating away at more of your precious, limited time and attention.

These are just two of the leading new social media networking sites that can help grow your business. You might also build a Stumbleupon profile, or do some digging at Digg to make a name for yourself. Or maybe you have a MySpace profile to maintain, or video is your preferred method of advertising and you actively monitor the latest YouTube posts while keeping your profile stocked with new viral marketing videos.

Also, you have to read the best and most influential blogs in your field to stay current with news articles, launches, world events and viral market trends. Thanks to Digg and similar social networking sites you can quickly discover what people consider the best content, but that increases the pressure you feel not to fall behind and become less informed than your competition.