9. Protein substitutes like soy are a healthy alternative for adding variety to your diet. There are soy hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken patties, even riblets that taste just like the real thing. And soy products are a healthy source of protein. Soy protein may not be the highest quality in the world (spirulina or eggs are better), but the idea is to increase the variety in your diet, which is healthier. Soy has a number of health benefits when eaten in moderation and contains very little fat. And there may be beneficial substances in soy we have yet to discover.

Spiritual Health

If you ask any child about the adults around them, they’d probably say we’re a little crazy and seem stressed out all the time. They would probably advise to do the following.

1. Sleep when you’re tired. Sleep is critical for losing weight, and studies have shown that people who get more sleep are thinner. Our body releases growth hormone during sleep, which is essential for good health and losing weight. It helps your body repair itself and rebuild muscle. Not bad, losing weight while you sleep!

2. Don’t eat because you’re anxious and need to feel pleasure, or lonely and need to fill the emptiness within. Eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full. Listen to your body. It contains billions of years of accumulated wisdom.

3. Don’t fast and deprive yourself of food for long periods of time, except for special detoxification routines: it makes you tired and irritated, and you’ll just end up eating even more later.

4. If you’re full after a few bites, save the rest for later or give some to a homeless person. Don’t be selfish or gluttonous. Find other ways to pleasure yourself – there are many.

5. Leave the table satisfied but not overstuffed. This prevents that fatigue and desire to sleep after each meal. If you have the luxury, a walk or light movement is healthy after eating to help stimulate your body’s digestive system.

6. Be picky and only eat foods you can enjoy. If it doesn’t taste good to you (after giving yourself a chance to acquire a taste for it), find something you like. Eating should be pleasurable, and doesn’t have to be a source of misery and unhappiness and poor health. Some of the most delicious foods in the world are healthy fruits and vegetables (had to throw that in). I’ll bet there are many dozens of fruits and vegetables you’ve never even tried.

7. Be grateful for how amazing and miraculous your body is. Notice how it dances, moves, laughs, makes love and finds pleasure in a rainy day. Run, walk, dance, jump, skip, play, garden, do household chores. Move your body because it’s so much fun and it feels good. Be amazed at all the incredible physical things your body can do. Learn to enjoy the feeling of moving and being active. One of the greatest feelings in the world is right after a good workout.

8. Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good about yourself. Self-esteem is a big part of body image and weight loss. You may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself and gaining weight to avoid intimacy with others.

9. Appreciate the people around you for who they are rather than for how they look. When we are critical of others it is a projection of our own feelings of inadequacy.

11. Hang out with supportive, generous, fun, friendly people and stay away from mean, bitter critical ones. Hard to do I know, but they are out there.

12. Feel great about yourself because, well, why shouldn’t you? You are beautiful, despite what you may feel about yourself.

Spend a few hours watching young children. Their simple enjoyment of life and respect for their own bodies is admirable.

Eat less … lose weight. Here’s other stuff you can do to enhance weight loss.

Programs & Diet Plans

Some of these you have read before, but are you really doing them? This time, try these great ways to get rid of that stubborn fat! They only work if you TAKE ACTION NOW! You can do it! Millions of people just like you already have.

1)  Eat slowly. This is so important yet few people do it. You will naturally feel full having eaten less food, and it is much easier on your digestive system and better for your overall health. Reducing calories by 15-20% a day is a good goal.