It’s also crucial for your digestion to properly chew and break down your food so your intestines can absorb the nutrition. This will help you lose weight and stay healthier.

More tips to help lose weight and diet successfully.

* Eat larger meals early and smaller ones later. This gives your body a chance to work off the calories before you sleep and convert the remainder to fat. You will also feel less hungry throughout the day. No junk snacks.

* Fish like salmon, kipper or Mackrel for breakfast gives you omega-3 fatty acids that are not only incredibly healthy, but great for losing weight.

* Use lettuce leaves instead of bread to wrap your sandwiches. If you have to eat bread, make it whole grain. Throw away the white bread as it is terrible for your health and weight.

* Get in the habit of eating fruit for dessert. Ok, it may not taste good in the beginning, but once your taste buds get adjusted you will start craving the fruit and not the empty junk calories and processed sugar. And once a week, eat whatever you want. You deserve it. Be good to yourself and enjoy life.

Some ideas are cheese with fruit slices or berries: fruit yogurt ; sweet pineapples or strawberries with cottage cheese.

Berries are sweet, nutrition dense, high in fiber, and dairy is high in protein. There is a lot of negative press about eating dairy products, but we believe they are fine if used like anything else – in moderation.

* Canned fruit is terrible, unless you are stranded on a desert island. Skip the concentrated or even fresh squeezed at your local grocery store because it isn’t really fresh anymore. When you squeeze your own fresh juice, which you should every day, the enzymes in the fruit live for about 5 minutes. That means, the “fresh” juice in your grocery store has no living enzymes, an important part of fruit or vegetable. Skip the fruit juice sometimes and eat the real fruit, like an apple or an orange. This give you more fiber which is crucial for your diet, fights cancer and helps you lose weight.

* Watch out for the new meal replacement shakes and bars, especially in the health and fitness industry, that go on the market almost every day. These may pretend to be healthy, but many of them contain hydrogenated oil and sweeteners. The bars may be not much healthier than a Snickers candy bar.

Be careful of so called “health foods”, “green foods” and “low carb”  doughnuts, crackers and muffins, unless they are from a high-quality organic source. Remember that they may still contain all the usual carbohydrate fillers: added refined sugar or a sugar substitute, and processed white flour (pure junk).

* Grocery shopping secret tip: at the store, the healthier, natural, organic foods tend to be placed in the outer isles at the ends of the store. This is because the center isles, the most convenient and viewable ones, are controlled (literally bought and paid for) by the large food corporations that produce the junk food and don’t care about your health or the health of your children. They care about profits and nothing else.

* Supplement, if you can afford it, with high quality health supplements like vitamins. I’m not talking about the one a day junk found in most food stores, that don’t have enough vitamins to feed a goldfish. I’m talking about high-density super vitamins like the kind found at And no I don’t make any money from them, but I do buy my vitamins from them. They are low cost and cutting edge.