With advances in chemistry and technology, teeth whitening has become huge business. Of course, everyone wants white, nice-looking teeth, not yellow stained teeth when they smile.

The main causes of stained teeth are coffee, drugs, tea, tobacco and colas.

It boosts self-esteem and makes you feel better about yourself, just like wearing a great outfit. When a man puts on a suit and tie, he feels a little more like a man. And when a woman wears a nice dress, she feels a bit more feminine. That’s human nature.

Studies show when we feel like we look better, we naturally feel better about ourselves. We live in an appearance obsessed culture, and it’s going global. In China, you hardly ever see anyone with grey hair, even among older folks. Everyone dyes it. Youth is idolized today like old age was venerated in times of old.

It used to cost hundreds of dollars at the dentist’s office to whiten your teeth. Not anymore. Now for about $30 you can be well on your way to a whiter, brighter smile. But there are limitations and not every product is a miracle product.

Bleaching, for example, which is very common in the drug store products, is not suitable for everyone. Some people have an abnormal sensitivity to bleach products and will damage their gums and perhaps even their teeth. Go slowly, test the product before using it on your whole mouth, and be sure you do not have some kind of allergic reaction to the chemicals in the bleach.

If you have no allergic reaction – if your teeth and gums feel fine and there is no swelling, reddening or pain – then you are probably a good candidate for teeth bleaching. But be realistic too.


If you’re a heavy smoker or wine drinker and have severely stained teeth, bleaching may not be strong enough. You may need veneers that cover the teeth. They are expensive but dropping in price as the technology advances. They are a good choice for many people.

One word about every day brushing. Do not brush your teath hard, with force, and especially not in a linear back and forth, straight-line motion. Your gums are very sensitive, and you will eventually wear away the gums surrounding the teeth, which is very damaging to the teeth. The gums will never grow back, leaving the teeth exposed to further and rapid decay.

Always brush with moderate force and in circles, massaging the gums rather than trying to polish the teach. The heath of your gums is more important than the health of your teeth. Always use a soft brush, never a hard one.

ayushveda.com says that, “Gargling the teeth with a cup of water containing a half teaspoonful of rock salts prevents all tooth problems and brushing your teeth with apple cider vinegar every night also helps natural teeth whitening.” We don’t know about these techniques, but welcome your comments on them. They also say that you can, “Make a paste  . . from toothpaste and baking soda and spread it on aluminum foil. Cover the teeth with the foil and leave it for an hour.” Again, let us know how it goes.

As newteethwhiteningsystems.com so aptly puts it,

“Everybody likes a perfect and dazzling white set of teeth to offer a beautiful and impressive smile. A person having [an] improper set of teeth, uneven, shapeless and broken teeth, badly stained teeth is never found interacting comfortably with others as he/she is constantly bothered by their bad teeth. These people are also ashamed of laughing freely among others as they are suffering from an inferior complex and they lose their confidence.”

Well said.

Hydrogen Peroxide, or even better, Carbamide peroxide, are two of the most effective and popular teeth whitening substances commonly found in over the counter products. They have relatively few side-effects with most people and really work well for most people if applied diligently and consistently.

The “best tooth whitening (self-administered bleaching) products use carbamide peroxide gel in a concentration between 10% and 22%. The higher the concentration of the gel, the faster results will occur, however increased sensitivity is more frequent.”

But as always, do not overbleach your teeth. There are more powerful methods like laser whitening at your dentist, which is much more expensive, but only takes about 1 hour for whiter teeth.

Bleaching your teeth takes longer than laser treatment, about 2-3 weeks to really notice the effects, and the treatment can last for a year or two, depending upon how well you care for and clean your teeth in between bleachings.

Have you ever seen those white spots on otherwise yellow teeth? Those are decalcified spots that can be difficult to remove with bleaching. Microabrasion at your dentist can help remove these spots.

It is very important to know that clean teeth are critically important to your overall health. Studies show that bacteria from unclean teeth and gums leak into the bloodstream and cause many diseases, including heart disease and even cancer. Clean teeth and gums are vital for our looks, but more importantly, our health.

Yellow, stained teeth are a thing of the past. Clean, white and bright teeth are at your nearest drug store, and if needed, with a little help from your dentist.

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