Why We Should Be Using Hydroelectric Energy

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One of the best sources of renewable, green, energy is hydroelectric energy. In fact, about 7% of the power consumption in the US is generated using hydroelectric energy. This type of energy is generated by harnessing the gravitational force of falling water. In many ways, this is not unlike the process that is used in wind turbines (using wind energy).

One of the major ways of utilizing hydroelectric energy is through dams. By damming up water flow behind a large concrete wall, it is possible to generate an enormous amount of potential energy. Once the water is released, it flows through a turbine and an electric current is created. This electric current can be used to power both businesses and homes.

This form of energy creation holds numerous advantages. The primary advantage is that it is environmentally friendly: it does not pollute the earth, it reduces green house gases and global warming. Furthermore, it is potentially limitless: since water sources are constantly being replenished through rainfall, this is very efficient – unlike utilizing fossil fuels which exist in finite amounts (and will eventually run out).

Other advantages of this energy are that water is also a generally an available resource in many countries and eliminates the cost of the fuel used for this power source. Once hydroelectric power plants are built on waterways they are relatively inexpensive to operate. As the technology continues to mature, it is likely that power resource will become even more efficient and widespread.

Whether the source of energy is wind, water, fuel, coal or the sun, the benefits we gain are unlimited as electricity can be harnessed in so many ways. That being said, obtaining electricity using water is one of the best methods of all. By continuing research and development on this energy source, we guarantee that in the future it will play a larger part, and will be used to power everything from home appliances, to televisions, to factories. It is even possible to store this energy and later use it in a vehicle, and this reduces our dependency on fuel.

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    • New Superhuman

      Hydroelectric energy and windmills are definitely a smart way to generate power. Hail to the wind and the sea!