America Declines Into a Fascist Banana Republic

Alex Henderson writing for AlterNet has written a tour de force in his 10 Ways America Has Come to Resemble a Banana Republic. But exactly what is a Banana Republic? An initial search of Google will tell you all about a cool chain of Gap stores that sell cool clothes having something to do with bananas and the jungle. But clicking further through Wikipedia we find that, "A Banana republic is a pejorative term for a country with a kleptocratic government." A kleptocracy is basically a government in which the leading politicians and major holders of corporate assets or wealth use their positions of power to steal money and opportunity from the rest of the population. This occurs out in the … [Read More...]

Loss of Freedom in America

Some interesting quotes from around the web showing just how deep the moral crisis in democracy America has plunged into [2RGPCVCDSBFQ] . The government is run by criminals whose only allegiance is to large corporations who line their pockets and provide $multimillion salaries when they retire to give rhetorically retarded speeches and hold vacuous chair positions of various committees and universities designed to look busy and important while accomplishing nothing beyond more corruption. "Since 2005, an average of 23 Americans per year have been killed through terrorism, mostly outside of the US. "More Americans die of falling televisions and other appliances than from terrorism," writes … [Read More...]

New World Order: We Are All MARKETERS Now!

Good news for journalists, intellectuals, thinkers, writers, artists, truth-and-beauty loving people all the world over. The world is being taken over by corporations. Where there used to be journalism, there is now "content marketing". So while in the past we could depend on independent news organizations to protect and defend liberty and freedom and truth, we now have everyone working for the corporatocracy where profit is the only endgame. Listen to what Holly Regan has to say over at She wants you to know that Brands from Apple to MTV are moving away from more traditional marketing approaches, instead looking to create high quality content that builds … [Read More...]

Huffington Post Queen on US Corruption, Decline of Middle Class

Michael Shermer It's time to drop the God talk and face reality with a steely-eyed visage of the modern understanding of the origin of freedom on which the United States was founded and continues to be secured. God has nothing to do with it. If you want freedom and security, you need the following: The rule of law; property rights; a secure and trustworthy banking and monetary system; economic stability; a reliable infrastructure and the freedom to move about the country; freedom of the press; freedom of association; education for the masses; protection of civil liberties; a clean and safe environment; a robust military for protection of our liberties from attacks by other states; a potent … [Read More...]

Support Programs in the Fight Against Government Tyranny

Do you care about freedom in America, or better, the endless assault on our freedoms that the US government in bed with major corporations are waging against us? If you can honestly answer yes to that question, then you owe it to yourself, your family and your country to take action. This is the most dangerous moment in history when the United States is rapidly becoming a police state and destroying the constitution, the greatest political document in history that made this country great. Our country is in serious trouble. You must take action now and support the groups that are fighting for our freedoms. We cannot wage this war alone -- we must act together. James Bamford on NSA Secrets, … [Read More...]

Does the Government Know Another Financial Crisis is Coming?

It looks like the gig may be up for Obama Ben Bernanke and Company. The US government bought its way out of the global financial crisis by furiously printing trillions of fake dollars out of thin air and flooding the financial system with them. The stock market has responded with a 4 1/2 year Bull Market made out of monopoly money that could go up in flames at any time. Housing prices and the housing market have begun what appears to be a recovery. Artificially low interest rates have boosted housing prices and helped the housing market, however, we need to remember that the economic recovery is all based on artificially low interest rates they cannot remain low forever. As a matter fact, … [Read More...]

Bee Pollen: Natural Superfood for Anti-Aging

Scientists have in past studies demonstrated that mice that were fed only bee pollen and water lived longer and healthier lives than rats fed a regular diet. Clearly, there was something in the bee pollen with anti-aging properties. Nutrition Bee Pollen has very high levels of protein, more even than meat (which contains only about 20%), fish, cheese and eggs. It contains all of the essential amino acids, which help support healthy thyroid function. That's quite remarkable. Other superfoods high in protein are chlorella and spirulina. Anti Aging One reason for the antiaging effects of bee pollen are the high levels of minerals and amino acids.The mineral selenium, for example, slows down … [Read More...]

WARNING! McDonalds food may be Killing People!

The Natural News science-based Forensic Food Laboratory put Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds "under the microscope" to see what people were really eating. Prepare to be shocked and disgusted. If there are any children in the room under the age of 18 you may want to ask them to leave. The so called "chicken" was put under a high-powered digital microscope. As the photos here show (I can't reprint them here because they are the proprietary property of, and it's only fair that you go over to their website to check this stuff out so they can make some money off of the wonderful work they do with their investigative journalism), the Chicken McNuggets contained strange fibers … [Read More...]

the end of life as you know it

Porter Stansberry has been one of the most popular investment analysts over the past several years warning Americans about impending financial collapse. Here's some of what he has to say in a new video-newsletter sales page. He was prescient before the global financial crisis in cautioning about the fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, General Motors and other major banks, insurance companies, etc. For years he has been warning about the financial catastrophe that is destined to strike America, the loss of the dollar as the world's foreign reserve currency. As bad as the 2009 global financial crisis was, Porter sees a much bigger crisis looming, one that will "shake the … [Read More...]

stock market hits new highs as Detroit goes bankrupt

So let me see if I understand this correctly. The stock market is hitting new all-time highs almost every day now. The coke addicts on Wall Street, with their partners in crime at the Federal Reserve, Bernanke & Co, and global central banks, are popping champagne bottles and dancing until dawn while America goes bankrupt. Are we having fun yet? What a shameful day for America. How this country can stand to look at itself in the mirror every day when it  wakes up is beyond my comprehension. The city of Detroit announced that they're going to file for bankruptcy, despite a Michigan judge ordering a withdrawal of the petition. The Guardian tells us, Sinking under huge debts and decades of … [Read More...]

Federal Reserve a Criminal Mafia Aided by US Gov.

Most people don't know -- nor would they care -- that the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is not a part of the Federal government, or at least not a part that would make sense to anyone. Here is the confused nonsense that Wikipedia has to say about the legal status of the Federal Reserve. Anyone who can make any sense of the gobbledygook below please feel free to elaborate in the comment section. "Legal status The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks were established as the operating arms of the nation's central banking system. They are organized much like private corporations—possibly leading to some confusion about ownership. The Federal Reserve Banks have an intermediate legal … [Read More...]

Linked In: political rumblings

Here's a recent and ongoing discussion in the American Politics Culture & Economy group on Linked In. Add your comments below. The thread begins when "Sue" posted a link to the article The Socialist Mind Game: A Brief Manual. With regard to this confused and incoherent article, which pretends that Obama and the socialist liberals are the enemy and right wing Republican neo-con fascists are here to save us, the following digression followed here. Jim F, one of the brightest and most level-headed thinkers I've seen on the net, jumps in with his response to the "garbage" written in The Socialist Mind Game: A Brief Manual: Jim F. • What garbage--socialism, totalitarianism and dictatorship, … [Read More...]

corporatocracy american style

Corporatocracy: a term used to suggest an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests.[1] It is a generally pejorative term often used by critics of the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States.[2][3] The term has been used by liberal and left-leaning critics, but also some economic libertarian critics and other political observers across the political spectrum.[2][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17] Economist Jeffrey Sachs described the US as a corporatocracy in his book The Price of Civilization.[18] He suggested that it arose from four trends: weak national parties and strong political representation … [Read More...]

vitamins are bad for you? what about pharmaceutical drugs?

The next time you read about how vitamins are bad for you or how America needs to prosecute a "war on drugs", ask yourself: is this just propaganda spun by the pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to protect the trillion dollar a year healthcare apparatus? What are some of the facts? Poison Control Statistics Prove Supplements’ Safety   According to the most recent statistics available from the US National Poison Data System, there was not even one death caused by a vitamin or dietary mineral in 2007. The 132-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers published in the journal Clinical Toxicology shows zero deaths from multiple … [Read More...]

gun control: an issue in search of trending bloggers

Gun control. Suddenly, out of the clear pungent blue of dead bodies, cries of gun bans can be heard across the spectrum from people who had never given the matter much thought. It's all so important and obvious. Even the incredibly smart writers over at have been flummoxed by the media circus. It wouldn't surprise me if, like the 9/11 attack, and the "Batman" shooting, the whole thing was staged by the CIA and the FBI. Nothing is as sensational as media sensationalism. We can take an issue that most people didn't give a shit about before and turn an angry rabble overnight into politically correct activists and blog commentators fighting for a just cause. It's beautiful to see … [Read More...]

the international bankers stole your money

Following up from my article here with some questions as to the real and perceived differences between Democrats and Republicans, some have taken the view that American democracy has become a corporatocracy, with both parties complicit in selling their ideals to moneyed interests. For most liberals the Democrats are the lesser of two evils, but Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, in Servants and Masters: The Special Interests Won Again,doesn't hold back when he characterizes politicians, including Democrats such as Obama, as "whores". I don’t think that either candidate is a good choice or that either offers a … [Read More...]

the state as religion

Great article by Nadeem Walayat (who writes the longest sentences in the history of the free world), "Mayan End of the World 2012 Prediction, Economy and Elite Use of Religion to Control", that offers a brief outline of why religion developed, and shows how it morphs into the modern day state. Religion was used to control the masses then, but now that Nietzsche has proclaimed the death of God, we need a state apparatus to keep all the kiddies safely bundled together. In contemporary society, as religion has lost its grip on the collective imagination, "control of the masses through technology has continued to develop and intensify . . . making it far easier for the elite to control every … [Read More...]

is democracy dying, or just the democrats?

In a recent Google+ thread Stephen Miller asked the question, "As members of a "Sensible Politics" community engaged in "progressive democratic discussions," I'll ask this: What is your greatest frustration with the current state of the Democratic Party in the U.S.? While liberals see substantial differences between them and conservatives, it can be depressing to reflect on just how little separates Democrats and Republicans when it comes to substance over rhetoric. In ‘The Left Has Nowhere to Go’, Chris Hedges writes some pretty scathing and insightful stuff as he reflects on an interview he did with Ralph Nader. There is no major difference between a McCain administration, a Bush and an … [Read More...]

Republicans attack the sick and elderly

Are Republicans trying to use the debt ceiling for political revenge, forcing the sick and elderly to suffer cuts in Medicare to pay for the massively irresponsible deficit spending initiated during the Bush years? After starting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, allowing banks through deregulation to defraud the public out of trillions of dollars in the mortgage-backed securities scandal, refusing to negotiate cost reductions with pharmaceutical companies while lowering taxes on the wealthiest 1% of Americans -- all of which is costing the American taxpayer over $16 trillion dollars in current debt -- now the Republicans want you to know that the real problem is "entitlements" … [Read More...]

the end of democracy that never began

Most Americans take for granted that the "checks and balances" they learned about in high school are sufficient to keep American democracy humming along at comfortable cruising speed. In fact, few realize the extend to which government corruption has no oversight or control. In Government Ethical Standards Are Toothless, Unenforced, Donald G. Schweitzer illustrates myriad ways government relies on self-policing arising from "a history of federal laws", in which "Congress has authority for ethics oversight, but ethics enforcement is self-administered and has no punitive foundation." The resultant failure of ethical compliance leaves a government in which corruption appears to be spiraling … [Read More...]

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America Declines Into a Fascist Banana Republic

Alex Henderson writing for AlterNet has written a tour de force in his 10 Ways America Has Come to Resemble a Banana Republic. But exactly what is a Banana Republic? An initial search of Google will tell you all about a cool chain of Gap stores that sell cool clothes having something to do with bananas and […]